“Our gift is meant to never be quiet but to pour out and express our true self.”

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to partner with God, with a steward’s responsibility to spread the Gospel in obedience to His word by acting upon our calling.

His Call

His call is for us to follow Jesus with a merciful heart to build our character in order to go forth in ministry using our musical gifts to reach the lost.

About Us…

Terri Gary and David Niles are two singer/songwriters who met in the year 2013 in the state of Massachusetts best-known for its city of Boston. Working side by side for a season they both became equally convinced that they were stronger musically together than apart. Weaving in tandem their creative talents, the artists formed their own music ministry “Cross O’er.”

Beginning their career as solo artists, they now compose, arrange, write lyrics, compile, and rehearse music together. In 2018 they released their first album, “Life Everlasting” (Symphonic). And in 2019, they unleashed their first holiday album, “Christmas with Cross O’er.”

Cross O’er continues to enjoy each others company in relation to what they call, “a match made in heaven.” Heavily influenced by Selah, they compare to their acts by singing a collection of well-known traditional hymns. Their unique blend reaches followers as they perform a range of other musical styles, cover remakes and original songs. The two artists will team up once again to release a hymnal album by year end 2020.