Life Everlasting Symphonic Album


  1. I Will Sing Cross O'er Buy 1:03
  2. Daddy What's it Like Up There Cross O'er Buy 1:05
  3. I Want to Be Cross O'er Buy 1:01
  4. Somewhere in the Night Cross O'er Buy 1:01
  5. Three Fold Cross O'er Buy 1:02
  6. Bound in Heaven Cross O'er Buy 1:01
  7. You're Too Good to be True Cross O'er Buy 0:57
  8. Life Everlasting Trilogy Cross O'er Buy 1:01


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After years of traveling solo, Terri and David merged together weaving in tandem their creative talents as music artists to form their own music ministry, “Cross O’er.”

Life Everlasting (Symphonic) originates when the two artists brought together their 8 original songs to display them on an album that would be their first release as a duo team.

“I Will Sing” is first on the list exalting God in adoration towards their Savior. Their angelic sound brings forth “Daddy What’s it Like Up There”, “I Wanna Be”, “Three Fold”, “Bound in Heaven”, “You’re too Good to be True”, and “Life Everlasting Trilogy” which ends the list pouring out their souls as believers, their love for Christ.


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